Paula Anderson Chairman

team member

As Founder of ADCH, it was my desire to help educate private and professional caregivers in the understanding and care of those afflicted with dementia. In an effort to care for my Dad, who had cardio-vascular dementia, we realized that caregivers are trained, but not in the specialized area of dementia. I vowed that I would work hard to bring awareness, education and support to patients, caregivers and the general public. I’m sure Dad would be happy to know that I kept that vow and started the Alzheimer’s/Dementia Connection of Havasu in his honor and memory. I encourage you to educate yourself in the area of dementia whether or not you are caring for someone with the disease. You will eventually know someone or have a dementia-related personal experience, at some level, as the occurrence of dementia is growing every minute. Knowledge is power. Take advantage of each and every opportunity you have to learn more about dementia.